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Project Description

Zur Person

»Life« is the share of breath given to each living individual, and it is the most precious thing
in this world. And that is the right to life and death given to each.
Things about life, why were you born, why are you precious and why are you special? Who
am I? What is death? Is »You and Me« in this world, a blessing or a tragedy?
What am I and where am I today in a space full of life and death of the past? leads to an
endless question. These are basic questions about being born, living and dying as human
beings. Who am I? This question is only possible when life is attached.
Through ‘Share of Breath’, I try to think about how »You‘ and ‚Me« live and die.
Human life is a series of incomprehensible events.
I recognized the preciousness of life in the midst of the terrible and horrific evil deeds of
human beings, and unfolded the life and death of people from various angles.
In my paintings, light and darkness exist at the same time, and they are white and black. And
death is the beginning. The process to reach something beyond what is seen as a painting,
that is the result of my questions and anguish.
Through my works, I try to give people an opportunity to directly feel, judge, and think
objectively, even if they do not have special empathy. Our present and our future depend
on how we accept and view our past life and death.