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Part2Gallery Events
Part2Gallery Events
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A diverse PART2GALLERY project with the aim of making art accessible to a broad audience.

Nachtbrötchen organizes unconventional art events in unexpected places.

All events offer a great opportunity to view, experience and possibly purchase art in an inspiring atmosphere!

You can find more information on the homepage: 

Fashion meets ART

Our Nachtbrötchen Gallery, located within the Designer Outlet Roermond, is your gateway to a world of art. With over 2,000 square meters of space, we house more than 500 art pieces from national and international artists.
Nachtbrötchen’s curated artists offer a diverse range of art forms, including paintings, photography, sculptures, graphic art, light and video installations. Occasionally, we also host performances and live events with the artists themselves.
Our internationally renowned „Nachtbrötchen“ gallery presents art in an extraordinary and unconventional manner, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Come and immerse yourself in this artful experience during your next visit to the  Designer Outlet Roermond. The Nachtbrötchen Gallery is located in the prominent blue building.
Join us in Roermond every Saturday at 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM for an enriching cultural experience with our free guided tours, open to all. For a more personalized adventure, contact us in advance, and we’ll tailor a unique tour just for you, your loved ones, or your colleagues, all free of charge.
Book at their reception or send an email to with „Nachtbrötchen Guided Tour“ in the subject line.
Step into a world of artistic calm in Nachtbrötchen’s Chill Out zone. Sink into the cozy comfort of our chairs where time slows down, and the masterpieces around you come to life. Let the artistry of the gallery wash over you, offering you a moment to relax and be inspired.
Artistic event by Slava Seidel

Immerse yourself in a weekend of artistic enchantment with Slava Seidel! Join Nachtbrötchen Gallery on Saturday, December 16th, and Sunday, December 17th, from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM.


Watch Slava create mesmerizing art live on paper and witness her unique creative process. Don’t miss the chance to get a signed copy of her latest catalogue, „Magic Spaces“, offering insight into her inspiring world.

Come and experience the captivating world of Slava’s artistry.

And that’s not all.. 

On Saturday 16 December, Kamil Schigalla is also coming. Kamil will be at the event to present his remarkable artwork made entirely from LEGO bricks. 


„Build up your dreams! Brick by brick!“ is the life motto of Kamil Schigalla, who has been creating unique works of art under the artist name LITTLE BRIX since 2016.

With an extraordinary creative streak that blossomed at a young age, he has become one of the most fascinating and unconventional
artists of our time. Kamil has a distinctive one found an artistic niche and exclusively co-creates his works LEGO bricks, cleverly using the smallest brick size of these famous building blocks.

This unique choice of medium reflects his unconventional approach to art and sets him apart from the crowd. „My works always manage to put a smile on people’s faces.“ Kamil started playing with LEGO bricks when he was just 2 years old – a passion that continues to this day and is reflected in his pictures.

We hope to see you there!.