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Part2Gallery Events
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Welcome to PART2GALLERY, founded in 2013 in Düsseldorf. We showcase a diverse array of established and emerging artists, fostering a dynamic artistic dialogue. Our hallmark project, NACHBRÖTCHEN, transcends conventions by transforming unconventional spaces into immersive art experiences. From the bustling streets of Düsseldorf to the eclectic pulse of Köln, the artistic fervor of Amsterdam, and the cultural crossroads of Genk, NACHBRÖTCHEN captivates international audiences, redefining boundaries.

Join us at PART2GALLERY and immerse yourself in an ever-evolving narrative that celebrates the rich tapestry of artistry, innovation, and limitless imagination.


As the owner and founder of PART2GALLERY and NACHTBRÖTCHEN, André brings extensive sales expertise from the fashion industry, spanning both wholesale and retail sectors. With over two decades of experience as a gallerist and art curator, he has enjoyed guiding clients in starting their art collections.

For decades, in his free time, André has maintained his dedication to practicing Muay Thai.


Marc co-owns PART2GALLERY and NACHTBRÖTCHEN. Apart from being in the art world, he has extensive global experience turning around businesses and handling mergers and acquisitions.

His life motto, „Connecting through Art“, reflects his philosophy in both work and leisure.


Transitioning from investment banking and the energy sector across three continents, Martha entered the art world. Founding SOL & ART GALLERY and engaging with PART2GALLERY and NACHTBRÖTCHEN, she combines business acumen with an artistic vision.

She enjoys individual sports, playing the piano, and embraces diverse cultural experiences.


As a professional photographer and marketing specialist, she manages advertising, digital marketing, and multimedia content development at PART2GALLERY and NACHTBRÖTCHEN.

Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and exploring the world.