Patrizia Casagranda

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Project Description

Zur Person

I regularly work in the poor regions of North India. I have the privilege of getting to know some very remarkable and special women there.
Every morning we shared a cup of tea and many words. The tribal women were proud beautiful women who with great skills collected goods that was discarded as garbage.

Junk and garbage to some – but the survival of the collectors and their families. A tiny gap, only, between life, survival and disaster. All life concentrated on the “Here and Now” situation.

I was taken in by these women’s skills to go on trusting “the Tomorrow” with an astonishing joy of being. The portraits of the women have titles such as, “Kiran, the Light”, “Sunder, the Beautiful” or “Laxmi, the Rich”. The titles could be interpreted as dreams –to me they represent the tribal women’s attitudes to life. The women focus on the present, the positive aspects of life and solidarity.