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Viola born in Florence in 1983,she lives and works at Greve in Chianti. She has been collaborating for many years with her father, a professional paintor and sculptor Sandro Granucci, in their art studio.

From 2003 she studies at the Fine Art Academy of Florence, and she graduated in sculpture in 2008. In 2007 she won a scholarship from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, USA. There she had the opportunity to specialize herself, and she developed sculpture techniques and studied photography.

She has worked on sculptures in bronze and terracotta for many years. From 2004 she has had her sculptures exhibited in different Contemporary Art Galleries and in 2006 she won an important cash prize for the “ XXIV Biennale di Scultura di Gubbio” Perugia, since then has participated in many national and international exhibitions, and made different art scultpure projects as in 2015 she made a permanent installation sculpture in iron, large size, 2 metres,“ Equilibrium”, private park “Bosco delle sculture del Sugame”, Greve in Chianti and 2017 another permanent installation sculpture in iron, large size 2 metres, “ Woman Future”, Pubblic Park, Greve in Chianti.
Her sculptures are in different world countries collected from private colletionists.

Viola has kept her interest also in photography. In 2006 she participated in the “Workshop Outside Project Beograd” in Serbia, where she created a photograph project, titled “Children of Beograd”, the particular “No- identity” and hard life of gipsy children and children in a orphanage. In 2007 a new photograph project in USA. In 2012, photo exhibited “Imaginary Frame” in the “Young Space” of Galleria Tornabuoni, Firenze.