Marina Skepner

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Zur Person

Marinas work often tackles the theme of childhood, the problem of understanding the
essence of time, the particular perception and comprehension of history. She was born in
Moscow, studied at Surikov State Art Institute in Moscow and the Montenegrin Art
Academy, majoring in painting. She worked at the Dukley Art Residence by European Art
Community and Dukley Summer School in Montenegro in 2015 and 2016. She is a
permanent participant of festivals and cultural forums such as “SLOVONOVO,” “Kunstflow,”
and others.

Marina has had 15 personal exhibitions and participated in many collective projects in
Russia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Ukraine, Serbia, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Montenegro. Her works have been acquired for the collections of Marat
Gelman, Juan Puntes (WhiteBox, New York), Giampaolo Abbondio (PAKS Galery, Milan), and