Kristine Tusiashvili

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Project Description

Zur Person

Born on 28 December 1982


(2000 – 2006) Studies – Art  theory and history at the Academy of Arts in Tbilisi, (2008 – 2009)     Auditor with Prof. Thomas Grünfeld at the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf, (2009 – 2014) Studies – Photography and media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Essen (Master Student of Christiane Hantzsch).

Neueste Exhibitions:

Wiesbadener Fototage

Festival for contemporary photography

11/2017 (Tiflis)


International print festival. International print festival. The aim of the festival is to support developing visual art direction – Hand Printing (Scholcography, etching,  Lithography, Engraving). The festival has opened at Batumi TBC Gallery and will travel to various regions. The final event will be in Tbilisi.

08/2017 (NRW Forum, Düsseldorf)

Slide show with Erik Kessels

05/2018 (Kulturbahnhof Gerresheim, Düsseldorf)

DA! art Award

„DA! Art-Award“ is the title of an art prize, awarded for the first time by the „Düsseldorfer Aufklärungsdienst“ (DA!) in spring 2018. The prize, which is publicly awarded every two years under a changing theme, aims to inspire artists to take a critical approach to religion and irrationalism.

06/2018 (Park-Kultur, Düsseldorf)


Group exhibition

09/2018 (Magazine publication)


Interview publication in Special Edition (issued Sep 18, 2018)

12/2018 (Tbilisi)

Life Behind the Transparent Glass

Collaborative project by Ria Keburia Gallery & LifeNStyle

03/2019 (Contemporary Art Space, Batumi)


Group exhibition. The concept of the project is divided into two spaces, a project of three independent artists who connect to each other with transparency and transformation of the soul.

10/2019 (Düsseldorf)

Walk for Freedom Performance

A public performance dealing with human trafficking in the 21st century.

07/2020 (Goethe Insitut Georgia)

Man with a Webcam | Digital Oases

Web Exhibition

08/2020 (Park-Kultur, Düsseldorf)

I8M/20 Fotokunst Düsseldorf

Group exhibition

06/2021 (Köln/Bonn Airport)


Drive-thru exhibition

06/2021 (Kulturbunker, Köln)

Kunst gegen die Wand

Group exhibition