Lena Krashevka

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Project Description

Zur Person

The artist is originally from Minsk, Belarus. Since 2015 lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

Belarusian State Academy of Art
Graphic designer
Minsk State Architectural College

A human with his feelings and emotions is in the center of the artist’s works. The core of Krashevka’s works is to capture and reflect the psycho-emotional state from the inside of a person onto the canvas.
The artist to achieve both expressive psychological images, and a convincing saturation of the light-air atmosphere, color harmony, and general emotionality of the works.
All portraits of the painting are made in the technique of acrylic or oil on canvas.

2020, Finalist Award ARTBOX.PROJECT Zürich 2.0
2020 , Finalist Award in Camelback Gallery’s “Black and White” 2020 International All Visual Arts Competition
2019, Art project “Autumn Salon”, Minsk, Belarus
2019, Art project “Art Minsk”, Minsk, Belarus
2019, Discovery Art Fair Cologne, XPost
2019, International Art Festival “Art-Minsk-2019”, Belarus
2018,  Marler Stern, Marl, Germany
2017, “Annual Exhibition”, Co-Atelier, Cologne, Germany
2016, Art’pul: Pulheim, Historic hall, Pulheim, Germany
2016, “Artists discover Europe”, Forum Leverkusen -KulturStadtLev, Germany
2016, Zarifa-art exhibition, Altes Pfandhaus, Cologne, Germany
2015, “100 years after Malevich”, Seidel Gallery, Cologne, Germany
2015, “FIARTE VI EDICION”, Granada, Spain
2014, “Forms-Сontent-703”: IV Biennale of Painting, drawing, and sculpture, Minsk, Belarus